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Massive FPS frop with the 1.6 in VR


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In the beginning of the "static tank" quick mission for the gazelle (when grounded), I moved from 45-35 fps in 1.5.5 to 20-25 fps in VR mode after applying the 1.6.

So I rolled back and find back the performance.

There are other people posting that they have the same fps drop than me in another threads. But as there is nothing regarding this problem here, I report it.

P8700K @4.8 GHz, 3080ti, 32 GB RAM, HP reverb Pro.

I spend my time making 3dmigoto VR mods for BoS and DCS instead of flying, see https://www.patreon.com/lefuneste

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Please tell me how you rollback? I'm experiencing the same issue in DCS2.0 Alpha.


Somewhere around 1/3 of the way down the page.



ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero, i7-6700K, Noctua NH-D14 Cooler, Crucial 32GB DDR4 2133, Samsung 950 Pro NVMe 256GB, Samsung EVO 250GB & 500GB SSD, 2TB Caviar Black, Zotac GTX 1080 AMP! Extreme 8GB, Corsair HX1000i, Phillips BDM4065UC 40" 4k monitor, VX2258 TouchScreen, TIR 5 w/ProClip, TM Warthog, VKB Gladiator Pro, Saitek X56, et. al., MFG Crosswind Pedals #1199, VolairSim Pit, Rift CV1 :thumbup:

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Thought Id chime in with my FPS tip I only just discovered.

In Dcs version 1.56 dropping the water setting from high to medium brought at least 15 fps more around the usual low fps places like senaki.

It also felt a lot smoother and you wont notice the missing water reflections.


Gtx1080 at 4k...Mustangs mod.

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I imagine he means Mustangs ground texture mod. Its particularly nice and no hit on FPS for me


I have stuck with 1.5.6 and have my water set to low. The FPS is definately less although I find it seems a lot smoother regardless. Flying last night with 12 or so others in a large scale mission lots of infantry targets lots of explosions from the F5 CAS ships and it was rock steady. Before you all go down the reversion path try tweaking some settings, it may not be perfect but its still an advance towards unified exe's

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