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AI Wingmans exterior lights


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I was standing on the runway with a AI wingman and switching on my lights and noticed that he did not turn on his the same way that I did. There is less settings for lights in FC3 obviously but there they follow what I do.


If I turn on my navigation lights my wingman turns on his also along with his formation lights even if I have my formation lights off.


The navigation lights is the only thing that he follows, I can never get him to turn on his anti-collision lights or position lights. And if I only have my formation lights on he does not turn his on.


Im just posting this to see if somebody else noticed this and to say that it would be great if it would be fixed so that he (and wingman 3 and 4 also) follows how I set my exterior lights.

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Wire needs re-wiring ... :)


I also did some tests in single player, me and a wingman, on-ground, after engine start:


Read the list below like this: Me <> Wingman.


Formation lights: OFF <> OFF

Formation lights: switch to ON <> stay OFF

Anti-Collision light: ON <> ON

Anti-Collision light: switch to OFF <> stays ON

Position lights: OFF <> OFF

Position lights: switch to ON <> stay OFF

Navigation lights: OFF <> OFF

Navigation lights: switch to ON <> stay OFF


I also noticed another effect during flying, after a certain experiments with lights:

If I turn OFF all lights, then turn ON the Position Lights, six white lights at the trailing edge are illuminated, nice.

If I now additionally turn ON the Navigation Lights (left position HEL), the red and green lights on both sawteeth are illuminated too, which is very nice too. But if I now turn OFF the Navigation Lights again (middle position of switch), the Navigation Lights, together with the Position Lights, stay illuminated, which I consider wrong behaviour. The Navigation Lights can only be switched OFF by switching the Position Lights switch to OFF.


If somebody want to try this out:

turn off all (all dark)

turn on position (illuminate)

turn on navigation (illuminate)

turn off navigation (navigation stay illuminated <- wrong behaviour?)

turn off position (all dark)


Have to leave now, maybe I will do some more tests tomorrow.

I also will consult the book a bit more, maybe it is because I left out RTFM for the lights chapter ... :book:


Kind regards,


my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Yx920L1ezoWQkYKCGYB9w
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...Viggen... what more can you ask for?

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