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[REPORTED] captured the F10 map doesnt reflect FARPs coalition or in its description

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Steps to repro:

1. set a red farp, put blue forces 2.1km away

2. drive into the farp radius with blue forces

3. Wait for any period of time.

4. Observe the FARP colour RED doesn't change

5. Observe if clicking on the FARP that it still says RUSSIA or whatever red coalition you used

6. Exit mission, note that the logs correctly show farp captured. Note also that triggering conditions work correctly and thus is working apart from the visuals


Expected: From the F10 map you should be able to see the coaltion name as the owner when clicking on it and the colour of the FARP should represent red or blue (there is a neutral state which is available in conditions but unable to tell that either if it is implemented as you can't put a neutral farp)



A small thing, but since both the coalition description and the colour are lost you cannot tell ownership at all unless something like a trigger relies on the farps nationality. Would not say this is gamebreaking but its also been this way for along time and somewhat annoying from time to time, especially if you are doing something very focused on FARPs and their capture

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  • ED Team

Thanks Pikey, reported




ED team member is going to look into it, when I checked the icon does change colour if you click on and off it.


The info however is a different matter and a little more complicated as the coalition changes but the text for ownership is by country as you mention, so it maybe an issue in the code between coalition / country

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