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SECOURS! SECOURS! MA HORIZON IS...90 degree left in January


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The Mirage can't use a compass in January as it points 90 degrees left for some whacky reason. Been like that a while but not until I went to post, searched and saw the declination posts and thought, yeah, that's not 6 degrees, that not 60 degrees, that is a monstrous issue.


Steps to repro

1. Put a cold start Mirage at Beslan so you get it facing 180 roughly. Set the date to January.

2. Go into mission and flip your Magnetic compass and marvel at it telling you you are facing east.

3. Go back to ME, change to December or February and retry and you are back to it pointing 180 degrees. Not tried other months.



The North pole doesn't wander that far that quickly.



Actually this hurts quite badly. 1. Mission designers often choose January instinctively for getting the winter to look pretty as there are nice snow packs and so on. 2. It doesn't look like it's well understood or known so will hit everyone hard the first time and cause mass confusion. And 3. There's plenty of people that don't align, flip on Horizon Secours, the backup heading tape taken from the compass and fly VFR without aligning, especially in MP. Calling out headings in a group is very confusing and a couple of turns in and you are disoriented, trying to remeber if its 90 left or right or whatever (assuming you actually know about the bug). Now I know, I can avoid January, but previously I thought it was all months as I've been using winter a lot.

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