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CTD on mission start


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Being a programmer my self, I know how important it is to get all info for a bug so this may look intimidating but I did my best to put all info I have found in here.


General summary:

So I've found a scenario in which DCS crashes to desktop which I can reproduce. This occurred first in multiplayer and afterwards I did all testing directly from the editor.

From what I've gathered it's a quite unlikely edge-case with a few key factors.

Because my friend can reproduce it as well, I've chosen not to add full because they seem irrelevant. We both run Windows 7 64-bit though.


The only possibly related forum post I could find in the Viggen section is: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=181571&highlight=crash


I'll do my best to reply asap to any questions.


Key factors for the crash:

These are the factors I have found to be essential based on my own findings (all described in the section "Personal tests and findings"):

  • The Viggen is playable and in the same coalition as the ships
  • A ship group that at least contains both the CV 1143.5 Admiral Kuznetsov and FSG 1241.1MP Molniya



In attached zip, are 5 files in total:

crashtest.miz: My resulting mission from following the steps in section "Full clean slate reproduction steps"

crash reports of my mate/.*\.crash

crash reports of my mate/.*\.dmp (empty)

crash reports of myself/.*\.crash

crash reports of myself/.*\.dmp (not empty (found that strange but didn't look into it))


Quick reproduction steps: Using the .miz file in the attachments

  1. Place the crashtest.miz file contained in the attached zip so it is available in the Mission Editor in DCS
  2. Start DCS on an installation with the Viggen module enabled
  3. Go to Mission Editor
  4. Open the mission
  5. Click on Fly Mission
  6. Select the only Viggen
  7. Click on start
  8. Click on fly
  9. Direct crash to desktop


Personal tests and findings:

If done multiple tests to try to narrow down the essential factors.

With the steps in the "Full clean slate reproduction steps" section I've created my bare minimum for the crash to occur.

Using this as my starting point the following changes will cause DCS to not crash:

  • Changing the Viggen to USA (Blue)
  • Putting the 2 ships in different groups
  • Swapping the carrier out for another Molniya
  • Swapping the Molniya out for another carrier


Using that same scenario the following changes did not prevent DCS from crashing

  • Changing location of the Viggen (both bearing and range to group are irrelevant)
  • Cold-start the Viggen from Kobuleti
  • Changing the positions of the ships in any manner, even with one north of the Viggen and one south of the Viggen
  • Changing the country of the Viggen to Abkhazia (Red)
  • Adding other Blue or Red units in any group, new or existing
  • Adding extra Viggens hoping a second one would not have the same issue
  • Changing the Viggens skin to "Bare Metal"
  • Adding waypoint(s) for the Viggens
  • Changing the load-out of the Viggen


Full clean slate reproduction steps: No pre-existing files

  1. Start DCS on an installation with the Viggen module enabled
  2. In the main menu, select Mission Editor
  3. Click on Create new mission
  4. Create at least coalition Red with Russia
  5. Place 1 aircraft over Kobuleti (location irrelevant)
  6. Change country to Russian, type to Viggen and skill to Client
  7. Place a ship (for example: GG14 (2 blocks east from Kobuleti airport))
  8. Change country to Russia, Type to CV 1143.5 Admiral Kuznetsov
  9. Set the unit size to 2
  10. Change the type of the second ship to FSG 1241.1MP Molniya
  11. Save mission
  12. Try to fly the only Viggen (see list under "Quick reproduction steps" on how I do it)


I hope the information is usable in fixing the crash.


Kind regards,

Emiel Hermsen


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...aaaaand its fixed! :)

6 minutes! :worthy:

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