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Help wtih Level bombing M71 High Drag CCIP


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So I´m having trouble with the level bombing. I have my WP set as a Target Point, everything set up exactly as Chucks guide. And it sais that the Circle is the point where the last bomb will fall and the dot is the first. However, the circle disapears when I unsafe, and it never moves. It´s stationary on the WP position.


Is it meant to set the waypoint exactly over the last enemy tank (in this case).

What if the tank moves from the intel position? How will I be able to release the bombs correctly then?


And, is the HUD calculating wind effects? Or do I have to manually set it off target? (thinking of a possible CK37 input code)

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No you get it a bit wrong. When you unsafe the trigger, the waypoint marker will disappear and you get 2 new symbols , the ring and the point . But you need to fly low, around 100m , and have a correct QFE for seeing them. If you are too high, the symbols will move under your nose .


The ring and the point will move with you, so it stays fixed on your hud when you fly in constant high and constant speed.

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What Einherjer said, with special emphasis on "have a correct QFE".

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I did fly at 150m, and I was in ANF mode cuz I got nothing else than ordinary NAV-HUD.

QFE was correct though.


So as always, when you think you´re low, you´re not low enough in the Viggen :D


Do you usually go into AP ATT or ATT HÖJD when levelbombing?


NAV is the correct mode for CCIP. You only get the CCIP symbology when you go trigger unsafe, and (as mentioned) you have to be quite low to the ground.


You can see a CCIP attack in this video, starting at about 33:00.

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