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Safe overclocking


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Its easier to help by giving us more system information. If the name of your graphic card has an "OC" in it, it is already overclocked. "Extreme" or "Boost" are also phrases for that. Raising the frequency further, you might enter the danger zone.


But in many cases the cause for instability of overclocked CPU/GPU is the limited power supply. If your core runs with higher frequencies, it needs more power. If it doesn't get enough, it crashes. It's that simple. Get msi afterburner. This overclocking tool can raise the power limit and overvoltage for your GPU. Be careful with that but I think +50 to 100Mhz should be possible on a GTX960 assumed it is a non-OC version.


Additionally, as codenamepanzer said, you should also overclock your CPU carefully and raise the overvoltage at same time. Both is pretty easy with modern motherboards and bios. But step by step. Take your time or blow up your hardware ;-)


Search for overclocking guides for your GPU, CPU and board on youtube or somewhere else. There are many informations about that.

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