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Fast mission generator bugged?


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I intent make fast mission on the mission generator and I discover some issues:

- Incorrect assignation role to some aircraft's (ex. AJS-37 has assigned as CAP)

- Not missions generate by type (CAS, Ground Attack, pinpoint strike, Anti-ship), no structure attacks or anti-ship, only a generic type, normally CAS (vs troops) or CAP.

- Not generated route way-points, only a simple one way point point the "front-line" (I suppose the fast mission generator was designed to the K-50 / A-10C). Not return way-point to base. or assigned to other base.

- Ground forces has placement random. Not a concise ground structure or offensive / defensive line, and / or protect "vital" points. Not enemy base defence.

- AI Air units always appears on fly, not take-off or landings way-points or attacks waypoints

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