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UH-1H ADF Freq rotary, mouse scroll should work?

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Hi, I finally got back to UH-1h seat and tried some comm-stuff. I have a faint memory that ADF Tune with mouse scroll has never worked for me and still doesn't. Tuning works with keyboard, but not with mouse. Watched a lot of videos from tube and it should work, but I just can't rotate it. No matter, where I try, also tried with two different mouse.


Any Help?





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Works with a scroll wheel, doesn't work if you try to click and drag.

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The ADF knob has two knobs on one axis, thus it works different than the "normal" knob.

Left and right mouse buttons "step-rotate" the outer/lower knobs ring in clockwise/counterclockwise direction.

The wheel rotates the inner/upper knob.

This is the same for the other radio knobs, where on/off and volume is on the outer/lower knob (mouse buttons) and frequency on the inner/upper (wheel).



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