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DCS Wishlist: 5/5 Skins in Encyclopedia, Navigation info in Briefing, ATC, Marshaller


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Hello everyone, the list below is just a few things I would like to see in DCS World.


1) Encyclopedia: I think it would be nice to have drop-down menu with all available skins for the selected vehicle.


2) Mission briefing: Would it be possible to have table of navigation info generated to mission briefing, or even to kneeboard? I mean bearings, distances, speeds, times, altitudes from waypoint to waypoint, nearby radionav stations and their freqs and so on?


3) ATC: some enhancements would definetly be appriciated. Like different approaches (VFR, NDB, VOR/TACAN, ILS/PRMG, vectoring), vectoring to be more precize (not just directly to IAF), ability to vector/separate each flight member. Tweak things like "Cleared for visual" when there is 500m visiblity and so on. And since in ME you can already assign parking spots for aircraft after they land, there should be command from ATC to taxi to that spot too.


4) Marshaller: He could assist you with start up, GPU, take chocks before taxi, and lead you to exact parking spot and put chocks after arrival. That would be cool.


So, what is your opinion?


Have a nice day



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1) +1 :thumbup:

2) see my signature that may be what you are looking after.

3) ATC overhaul is said to be in the pipe but way after the 2.5 version release

4) with an animated 3D model please

I'll buy :

МиГ-23МЛД & МЛА МиГ-27К МиГ-25 Mirage III F-4E any IJ plane 1950' Korea Dynamic campaign module

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