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Building decicated server on Poweredge 710

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I am planning to build a dedicated DCS server:pilotfly:and would like to see the do's and dont's . I know so far that cpu speed and lot of ram is very important but am not sure if VMware is a good choice.


Any people here that can point me out in some useful tips ?



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I run one of those myself, T710, dual Xeon X5650 2,67GHz and 32GB, lots of drives etc...


The CPU I guess is just not fast enough tho you had plenty cores IF...but it won't I am afraid.


Thing is, this rig will go out of production soon and I also have plans with it....just that I think the CPU speed is too low but give it a try :)


Would be happy to hear it works.



VMware...I dunno...I use VMware Workstation & Fusion ( for Mac ), as long as you can deliver DX11 it shold work. Try Hyper-V if VMware wont do it.

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