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Simple sling load


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Greetings everyone!

I'm presently working on a Mi-8 training video on the topic of sling loading. It's not about mission setup but about the different flight regimes with external load. It's supposed to be a comprehensive guide.


If you are interested, here's my first training video (on a different topic):


I don't know much about mission editing, but I have managed to create a mission, where I can pick up a cargo with the sling. My flight engineer guides me in and all works well.


But I can't find a way to create a drop off zone, where my flight engineer "talks me in". Is that possible without a lot of scripting? If not, can someone create a very basic mission, which shows me how to do it?


I have already searched the forum but only found very complex stuff. Please don't get me wrong - but I don't want to waste days or weeks learning scripting. I'd rather do what I'm good at: creating nice training videos. :)


Help is very much appreciated.



My cyclic stick - modded MS FFB2 and


My Mi-8 training videos

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