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LGB not guiding


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Is your TGP generating the SPI, so you're releasing the bomb on the correct location?

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First you need to set your LASER to ARM position on your AHCP(this panel is underneath your left MFCD).dont forget to switch to CCRP mode on your LGB profile inside your DSMS.You need to set your tgp SOI like EasyEB said and set your target SPI for CCRP mode. After that you need set your pointer setting for either BOTH or LSR, you can see this on the right side of your mfcd.After you release your bomb you need to start lasing your target, when you start lasing either a B symbol or L symbol ( depending on your pointer resource) should start flashing at the bottom of your MFCD. There is a setting called LATCH inside tgp. You can see this option by pressing OSB1/CNTL button on your mfcd. if the latch setting is set to ON 1 press of your lase button will activate laser pointer and it wont de-activate until you press that button again, if its set to OFF your laser pointer will work only while you holding down your lase button.

you can see the bombs impact countdown on your huds bottom left corner. i dont know if this is the right way or not but i start lasing 10 seconds before impact.

And one last thing you need to be aware of is that if you lase a point that cant be seen by the LGB s sensor, it will go balistic.

for example lets say there is a building that is facing north , and you are approaching it from west and heading to east. you release your LGB 2 miles before you fly over past the target building. if you lase the east side of this building after you fly over it LGB s sensor probably wont be able to detect the laser. so it wont be able to guide itself.

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