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Uh-1H Troop Transport ability

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Ok, is the ability to transport troops with the Uh-1H ever going to be reintroduced. It is one of the major functions of the Huey that made it so popular. This is an expensive module to not be able to do something so basic.

I understand there are a bunch of LUA scripting utilities and such that will allow this functionality to work in the mission editor. However, I personally don't understand how to write in lua and feel like I honestly shouldn't have to given the price we pay for the Huey.... Can this please get addressed.

I am trying to make a mission with my squadron involving multiple aircraft with multiple roles and the only one I can't complete is the Huey aspect of it which is picking troops up from a hot LZ.

If anyone can offer some assistance I would greatly appreciate it.


ED, any update on when this function will be returned to DCS would be nice.......... again, this is a very basic and highly used functionality of the Huey... I am regretting purchasing it.. :(





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  • ED Team

The troop transport is currently being reworked by ED, this will take time to complete as it is a large task.


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Combined with the PM I sent here is a sample Template mission I created for you to practice and serve as a basis for oherr missions. It even includes being able to take off a transport troops from carrier.


If you still need help I can set up a server and you can fly and air assault with our little group. Hope that helps. Cheers...




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