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Time to downgrade monitors?

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Hello all. I am rather torn right now and not really sure which way to go. For a very long time now I have been flying DCS in 4K, and as most of you probably know, target spotting is painful at best. With no sigh of any changes coming to scaling, what would you guys recommend? I have the hardware to run pretty much any monitor configuration so that is not an issue.


So which direction to go? I have been using a 48" 4K tv that I replaced 3 4K monitors with hoping to let me see targets better. I have a hard time going back to 1080p. Next option is to move to wide screen format. I have been looking at the Acer X34P. Is anyone running one of these, and if so, how is if?


Thanks for the input and advice. I can't wait to hear your opinions.

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Since it's 4k you could try just running at 1080p. It should down sample fine (4 pixels to make up 1)

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Acer X34 is a great monitor, especially if you're upgrading from 24'' or 27'' screen. Plus is comes with a quality IPS panel, 100Hz refresh rate and G-SYNC (there is an FreeSync version also).

But, if you're running a 48'' 4K screen and spotting targets is an issue, moving to 34'' is probably just going to make the things worse.

As others wrote, try to reduce the resolution to see if it helps. Keep the same aspect ratio to avoid screen being distorted and blurred (well, with reduced resolution it'll get blurred anyway but different than native resolution ratio will exaggerate the effect).

Another thing that may help is running a calibration process. Especially having a correct gamma, contrast, and even colors may help.

Least but not last search for mods. There were some that addressed the target sizing - though I don't know their status nor if they are IC green.

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