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Sonic Boom animation without fps loss


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Hello all !


I know that ED and some others people didn't done that because it will be too complexe and hard to code, but i got the solution !


First of all, you need to create a map where wind is moving or static, like this



but not ingame, in background ( like trigger zones ), and when the aircraft enter a zone with alot of air ( the zone will be like the video and the air density set ) with mach 1 or achieve mach 1 after, it will activate an animation of the sonic boom wind :




Ok, if you got this we continue, then


The animation would be larger and easier to see in low altitude with high air density like this picture ,


And if you continue to go on high altitude, the strengh of the sonic boom air will start to decrease and disappear since there is less air in top like this :





Thank you for reading guys, i hope you can do something like this in dcs world.

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Vapor Cones are NOT Sonic Booms


... and sonic booms can occur without vapor cones. :)

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I guess the real issue is, that DCS World actually calculates wind, density, humidity and temperature in real time and feeds it into the DCS level Modules.

The module then reacts with the environment through the EFM/AFM and ASM calculations.


So we need a calculation model when vapor cones form, how they form and that for each individual plane.

As DCS focus' on realism, it is not just a nice "show off" FX.


As over-wing vapor I guess it is on the roadmap, somewhere.


But honestly, I don't expect this kind of eye candy to have a high priority.


And personally, I consider this priority C after AI and Damage model, given that all this is less important, than merging 1.5 and 2.0 into a stable 2.5. ;)



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Yeah, others already beat me to it. It would be cool to see this sort of thing, but I wouldn't expect it for at least a few more generations of gaming. It's one thing to say 'do this realistic thing in a realistic manner' and quite another to actually code it, much less actually calculate it efficiently. Ultimately, DCS is still a game, and further a game restricted by what modern hardware can reasonably manage to do.

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