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Damaged on spawn @ Tonopah TTR Airport


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Was trying out the Viggen in 2.0 set up cold ramp start at Tonopah Test range, after clicking Fly the plane seems to spawn slight below the tarmac then pops up 5 or 6 feet and crashes back to earth sparks fly out from nose gear and a lump of fuselage is left on the tarmac, aircraft then wont start-up and GC wont repair


I'll try get a video later


Modules are like Pokemon you gotta catch 'em all :joystick::lol::pilotfly:

AMD Ryzen7 3700x, G-Skills 32Gb RAM @ 3200Mhz, MSI GTX1080Ti, TM Warthog (20cm extension by Sahaj), MFG Crosswind Pedals, Oculus Rift, Track Ir5

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