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A populated multiplayer server and a last-minute battle


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Had some fun a few nights ago with the F-15C. 104th Phoenix, unknown mission (probably Armageddon). Action really starts kicking in around 7 minutes.



Not really proud of my merging and defensive skills at the moment. Although I didn't get hit until I was out of flares, I really should've been a little more conservative with my countermeasures.


When I say the mic is louder in the video, I mean it. I have found a solution for it; switched from Nvidia recording software to OBS, MUCH better now. :) Be warned, some "colorful vocabulary" from other players, but of course that's as to be expected.


Any constructive criticism of my skills in combat is much appreciated.

If you want to talk to anyone about anything personal, send it to their PM box. Interpersonal drama and ad hominem rebuttal are things that do not belong on a thread viewed by the public.

One thing i have to point out... naming a thread.. "OK, so" is as useful as tits on a bull.
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