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F2/F3/F4 views are much brighter and clearer...


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Why when I press F2/F3/F4 the views are so much brighter and clearer than when in the cockpit looking through the canopy? Is there a way to tweak the brightness and perhaps increase the color depth? Is the canopy tinted and muting the color and brightness?


How can you get Oculus to show up in the Nvidia control panel to affect changes, I heard it shows up in ATI?


Thank you.

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HDR on?


The canopy of most planes in DCS isn't too clear, so it greys it a bit as you can see in this picture: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2037563/


Yes I have it on.

The thing is I should see Rift in my Nvidia control panel to make these adjustments but I don't. I find the color needs greater saturation and contrast, it's a bit washed out. I've read on the internet that ATI shows Rift in their control panel?

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