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KB pod: wrong chaff release programs?


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According to the manual, the chaff release programs in automatic mode should be P2 when the RWR detects a radar log and P1 when the U22/A pod is used.


However, I find that the KB pod in automatic mode releases chaff every four seconds in both cases. That corresponds more to the release frequency of program P3.


Is the manual correct or the implementation? Or am I missing anything?


Furthermore, the manual states that for program P4 (slow streak) the KB release switch is supposed to be off and the pod begins to dispense when the streak selector is set to "4".

But in my tests no chaff were released unless the KB release switch was set to INT or KONT.


Also, I am curious about the difference between INT and KONT? I could not find anything explicit in the manual and did not see any noticeable difference in the game.

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The RC2 manual states for P4:


"Total release time: 8 minutes, 16 minutes if two pods are carried. The left pod will empty before the right pod begins to dispense chaff."


I tested this right now, the sim currently is not doing this.

Both dispensers start releasing chaffs, thus they will empty within 480 seconds, and not 960 seconds.


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The "KB release switch (on canopy frame) in mode OFF (FRÅN)" is meant in that way, that when setting the parameters on the right side panel (KB, STREAK, C/F), the switch on the cockpit frame should be placed at FRAN (I think in order to not confuse the system).

INT releases 6 chaffs for P1, 3 chaffs for P2, 1 chaff for P3.

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