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solution to low gpu usage

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Hi community,

this post is to help all those that have performance problems while gpu usage is low.

The theory is simple : fps mustn't decrease since your gpu or cpu usage doesn't hit 100%.

But in DCS and some other games it's the case and it is not normal. And the solution is simple ...

When you use vsync on you have to get 60fps (for 60hz screen) or 90fps (oculus) as long as your gpu usage is not at 100% - and when vsync is off your gpu usage must be near 100%

If it is not the case this post is for you (i think must remain some dudes)

The problem (with nvidia i can't talk for amd) is GeForce experience. I can't say why i just know it.

Solution :

do a fresh latest driver install : custom install - uncheck everything but driver (the problem is GeForce experience but don't be shy ... you only need driver) and check above the list "complete new install" (that will supress all the old files)

When it's done run you favorite sim and enjoy.

for me and my little i5-4460/gtx970/16gb/1080p60hz screen the result is, in dcs 2, a solid 60fps vsync on above Las Vegas with everything on ultra (but only 4x AA and no deepfield) and a gpu usage near 100% (some little fps decrease when hitting 100% but rare).

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All you need to do is end all unwanted processes as a matter of routine. Try a program called End It All.


Not only does it end GeForce Experience, it ends all other redundant background processes.


Surely a much better approach?


Do you think that the upcoming Windows 10 Game Mode would work similarly?

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PC Specs


Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.4GHz MSI Z170A Gaming M7

Corsair Vengeance LED 2666MHz 32GB DDR4

H115i 280mm Liquid CPU Cooler

EVGA GeForce 980Ti Hybrid (built-in liquid cooling)

EVGA SuperNova 750W 80+Gold

Samsung NVMe 950PRO M.2 SSD 512GBx2


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hi, to sampler, the way to verifie what i say is time consuming but not complicated : you have to monitor with for exemple msi afterburner your ingame perf by showing fps, gpu usage, cpu usage, etc above a stressing zone like las vegas. If you have vsync off and your gpu usage is not near 100% there is a problem and with vsync on if you have less than 60fps for 60hz screen while gpu usage is low there is a problem. It is solved with what i said (i don't invent it i found it on other forum about car racing sim) - that said physx only works for game using it and enhance particles - it's litlle eye candy for big perf impact. Not used i think in dcs.

to razo+r you don't agree with what i say but you use "should" or "shouldn't"... I don't want to debate I would prefer confront results.

to NeilWillis if your solution solve the low gpu usage then it's absolutely smarter - i don't test cause i found my solution and don't want to deal with GeForce exp no more for now.

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my post was for sampler, but if you wish results, ok


I have geforce experience since my 970, then 980 Ti and now the 1070, my usage was at 100% with the 970, and with the 980ti about the same, now with my 1070, i get around 62%, but i don't trust asus gpu tweak since it doesn't show me the correct clock speeds anymore...


I have never encountered something like you described, or I just didn't payed attention.


With my 970, I had quite a long time geforce experience and didn't experience any anomalies, also because I always use vsync


And just for additional infos, I do not have VR, and a 60Hz monitor

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Ok, last post, I've found a fool ! not you razo+r or anyone else but me ....

I posted this tread because I've seen on other treads guys complaining about low gpu usage with oculus rift (bad fps while gpu under loaded) and I've solved that problem I had to, some times ago, with this solution I found on another forum.

But I've just installed last nvidia package (378.78) with everything including GeForce exp. And after some testing I saw no low gpu usage problem.

I guess today no one has this issue anymore.

So, at least, this tread is obsolete. I should have test before posting.

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More testing .... On DCS 2 nttr no low gpu usage anymore with or without GeforceExp.

On DCS 1.5.6 ..... impressive the new performance ! A hudge work had to be done from developpers ! Above Batumi used to be an overstressing area for my rig and now.... ultra smooth with very high settings (ultra distance and shadows, 8x AA, 20km tree distance view, medium water....) But with everything maxed out fps go down with a low gpu usage (30 fps for 50% gpu usage for exemple) but Nothing relative to GeForce exp (with or without it's the same) It has to be relative to Something not monitored with msi afterburner (Rop ? text. units ?)

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