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new key assignments?


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I just flew the Mirage last night for the first time after the big update to DCS 1.5.6

and I noticed a lot of systems just not recognized in-flight.

I checked the controls setup and I see no Keyboard assignments to various controls.

For example: Select MAGIC, special modes AFT/FWD etc...

It's like my HOTAS is bound to these controls, but nothing happens because there's no Keyboard assignment for that.


Was that implemented on purpose? if I want these functions to work again, do I need to assign some random unused keybindings to the keyboard?



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Try renaming your input config file in saved games and restart DCS. Then see if you can do keybinds. If you can the it was your input profile file that is corrupted.

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Oh wait.. You can do the key bindings, this is not the problem. Let me rephrase the question...

If you want to Select magic, what key you need to press on the keyboard? Cause mine is empty right now.

There isn't a (default) keybind. Is is on the hotas of the Mirage, you are supposed to bind it to something.

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And you tested it in flight with magic on the plane and master arm on ?


Then I will suggest to do what zeus said and try to rebind your controls, they should work with or without a keyboard key mapped.

Yep, tested it. Didn't work. I'll try to do what Zeus said.


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