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Changing colour of the HUD glass?


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Hey guys. I have no knowledge of DCS modding (apart from making skins) so I turn to you with the following question. Is it possible to create a mod, which would darken the HUD glass?



As you are probably pretty aware, the A-10C is suffering badly from a poor HUD visibility, especially on a lightly coloured background like snow, dry lakes in Nevada map, light horizon, etc.

I was looking at some other available aircraft in the DCS (Ka-50, Su-27, MiG-29 and Mirage2000) and they all have slightly tinted HUD glass, creating a much better HUD visibility in all the above mentioned conditions.



I am aware of a way to make the symbology black, but I'd prefer to have it green with slightly tinted HUD glass.





Your place for custom created DCS World skins.


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my guess is 'HUD-base-page.lua'



SymbologyBox.indices         = default_box_indices
SymbologyBox.init_pos         = {0, 0,  -0.005/GetScale()}
SymbologyBox.init_rot         = {0, 0, -48.1}
SymbologyBox.material         = "DBG_GREEN"  <--Color
SymbologyBox.h_clip_relation = h_clip_relations.REWRITE_LEVEL
SymbologyBox.level             = HUD_NOCLIP_LEVEL
SymbologyBox.isdraw             = true
SymbologyBox.change_opacity     = false
SymbologyBox.isvisible         = false  <-- Set to true


SymbologyBox.material = MakeMaterial(nil,{10, 200,10, 10})


might give you a slight green color



its all from my head and not tested so...it might produce "interresting" results.

Make backups!

'controlling' the Ka50 feels like a discussion with the Autopilot and trim system about the flight direction.

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