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Regain Formation


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No special method other than looking for him and, if it's another player, talking to each other.


I usually have to call out my altitude and heading to help my friend find me when we are flying together and he loses sight of me. Knowing altitude and heading usually is enough if we're within 5NM of each other.

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Depending on aircraft you can also use A-A TACAN (A-10C has it).

Communication is vital. Try to reference from known landmarks, if you are really far away. BRA from Bull's-eye or dialing in a known beacon on both planes to check angle to the beacon could help as well.


All this is only useful if you already tried looking around checking height and heading, and maybe doing a 360°...


Height separation is vital! Keep at least 500-1000 ft separation until you have visual. I know from experience ;)



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Like the previous gents said, either tie your locations to landmarks or to waypoints/bullseyes. All in all it is a skill to be learned. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to fing your wingman. Practice makes perfect.


To use any waypoint for giving position, call the waypoints name, your bearing from it, your distance from it and your altitude. Example "Waypoint 2, 145, 20NM, Angels (=altitude in thousands of feet) 15". Now your buddy knows where you are. You can also say which direction you are flying, or if you are orbiting around said point.


Good idea is to go fly, get separated intentionally and try to find eachother. Rince and repeat.




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Have a plan before you go into the fight about where you'll try and rejoin, what altitude, and which way you'll be turning. Have several points set up like this over specific landmarks that are easy to see at the altitude you've agreed upon. Then you'll always know if your buddy is saying he's heading for "Rally Point Bravo", you'll know he'll be at, say 20k feet in a right hand turn when he get's there.



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