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i5 ans GTX970+

Johnny Dioxin

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[ALL SOLD NOW, THANKS] I've just upgraded my PC, so my old kit is available for sale, if anyone is interested.


I have been using it for VR (Rift) since June last year with no performance issues at all, so if the cost of the required hardware in addition to the headset etc is holding you back, here's your opportunity.


CPU is an i5 2500k Sandy Bridge. I've had it overclocked to 4.5GHz on air cooling, but I usually run it at 4.3GHz standard and it does a good job.


Graphics card is a Gigabyte GTX970 OC 4GB. Same story here - it has performed just great in VR at standard speed.


This combo runs DCS World (average 70+fps), P3Dv3 (120+fps), FSX and a load of games at high settings.


I also have a motherboard for the i5 - that's an Asus Z77V LX. I don't want anything for this - if you buy the i5 and GTX970 I'll throw this in. Reason is that the LAN chip is defective - not uncommon, apparently, with this board. I will include an Ethernet card. Other than this, the board is excellent.


If you need RAM I have 6GB of Corsair XMS3 available too.


I think £250 is a very good price for the lot. It's all in excellent condition, excepting the mobo ethernet. I have all original packaging and discs/manuals, too.


Please enquire by pm. Thanks.

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Rig: GA Z390D; i5 9600k; 32GB DDR4 3200; RTX 4080; VPC T50 CM2 HOTAS; SN-1 Pedals; VR = Pico 4 over VD Wireless.

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