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DIY Handbrake...

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I just wanted to share my latest controller.

I have wanted a stick mounted handbrake lever since the MiG-15 was released. The release of the L-39C made my wish even stronger. The Spitfire finally made it impossible to live without it...


I sourced an aluminium electronics box and a loadcell from ebay and got the BU836-LC controller from leobodnar.com.


Here's the result.


Yes, it's quite a big chunk of hardware to mount onto the stick.

The mount itself is a temporary fix. I have ordered a airgun scope attachment that I think will do the job.


So far I have tried it with the L-39C and the Spitfire, and groundhandling has improved greatly with a proportional brake controller. The Spitfire still requires skill in takeoffs, but taxiing has improved significantly!




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EDIT: I have no idea why the pics are rotated.
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and in the Mig-21


Of course! How could I forget! :)


Brilliant! How was calibrating it? Great little box you have there. You may say it's "chunky" but I think it's done quite well. Nice work.



Calibrating was easy. Just like any other controller.

The loadcell is quite sensitive, so when moving the joystick around, the inertia of the mass of the handle registers...and the handle is made from aluminium..! It's minor, but I dialed in a a little deadzone to get rid of it.


I don't know why the thumbnails are rotated, and the pics squashed when enlarging... Makes it look even chunkier ;)

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