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Premise request/pitch

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Imagine a scenario, start out NATO CAP, near the hump. Vocal order comes down proceed to x, enemy airspace, orbit and hold for orders. Proceed.


Orders: callsign you need to insure the survival and landing of a civilian flight of defectors. Intercept and escort. Coordinates.


Intercept , establish escort. Dramatic pause. Interceptors. Intercept, kill return to escort .


Defector pilot has changed heading and angels. Defector aircraft veers wildly down to 2000 feet before changing direction to enemy territory . You intercept comms of totalitarian nation states agent speaking Russian sending bra and description of your flight to Russian interceptors .


Comms: callsign, VIP is now hostile cleared hot. Do not let them flow back into enemy airspace , shoot it down.


At this moment you get the comms intercept again, having established with the pilot prior to his, correction, of the sounds of the cockpit door being kicked down. English and Russian voices overtaking the cockpit and disarming the fascists agent .


"Hello, is this thing on- quick try Russian


They try Russian, but it's rambling and too fast, hysterical, a Russian man can be heard calming her. She cries. The English voice again.


"ummm, hi- we got the bastard but we can't fly this thing. It's on auto I think.


You. Callsign to awacs, you inform of the situation.


Heard advising CP


you hold.


BRA CALLS, 4 flight su 27s 60 miles.


Your voice actor, is nervous in the cockpit. 50 miles. Awacs prompt on screen f10 "call awacs for status" triggers


Awacs: advise you to hold, CO is advising XO. Hold


30 miles, hot.


F10 prompt again


Advise of bandits defensive , engaging. High flight is after you, low flight is after defectors.


When you kill two out of four comms intercept


Multiple voices : we are going to die. Sadness , fear


Splash one


He's fighting for us! But there's too many of them!


Splash two

Did you see that ? He's trying to save us!


Awacs interrupts now : callsign still waiting on advise , engage all bandits and maintain radar contact with VIP hostile.


Comms intercept:

Master alarm warnings , terrain in a moment will end the flight , someone has to pull up. "Can anybody fly?"


You hear the remaining pilot make contact with the defector flight, he tells them to land somewhere and they will be punished fairly.


Voices :" I'd rather die"


They all seem to agree


Defector: "pilot if you can hear me, we've got someone here who can fly but we don't know how good... she says she flew in a simulator on some game once or twice ."


You tell her to pull up to 5000 feet and point the nose at Tbilisi. She does manage the climb.

The aerial superiority fighters descend to engage you .


Russian accent speaking English poorly reads you back the coordinates you feed her. She begins to turn on course.


You engage the sus.


Splash three


"Did you see that? Wow!!!"


Splash four

Feels good Breh


You rejoin the wing, and fly to about 40 miles from sogalung.


Awacs: callsign....(having overheard everything) ehhh, callsign, orders stand. CO has been removedXO orders stand . Shoot it down.


Wingman: "what?"


You: "..."


Wingman: "this isn't right lead... you say the word and I'm with you."


Right here you can shoot it down, which triggers the bad ending- you're shot by shadow government after having landed and been debriefed , never knowing the secret.


The neutral ending, you can jettison your weapons and fall off the wing, and land. You are court martialed but the publicity of the event insures your safety, you do not meet the shadow government. If you stay near the plane before landing.a flight of Turkish block 50s with red IFFS SHOWS UP And kills the plane you hear them die over your comm.


If you do not jettison your weapons and you do not shoot down the defectors and you stay on her wing and ignore awacs for five minutes a new f10 prompt appears." Contact defectors"


You: "civilian flight this is callsign, I think I just committed treason . I'm going to escort you to the closest Russian civilian airfield . I'm not killing innocent people , I'm a god damn American airmen."


Wingman:" carpe diem" he pops an aileron roll.


You advise her to that one airfield just over the hump that's neutral .cant remember the name sorry.


Awacs : callsign be advised new radar contacts headings and bras . 2 Turkish block 50s two mig 29s 30 miles hot.


Wingman: "I'm low on fuel and fire lead"


Awacs: callsign be advised... static dead



Awacs new voice, sinister: callsign be advised , you are considered hostile radar contact


Comms :)amongst themselves) what's happening why are we going back? It's the tech, it can't get outto anyone don't you understand...? There are no countries now it's all a lie? I know it's just hard to believe !


The Russian pilot ; quiet! You saw what it did to yuri and Sergei, Amanda and David, they're all gone- the only hope we have is to tell the world what we've done...


Enemy pilot lead: "callsign, yeah you... go home. Close your eyes. Wake up in your bed."


You:"two, radar on, engage bandits!"


Wing: affirm


The migs descend and engage


Slash one


Russian pilot: they are very skilled, that's for sure.


Splash two


People: yahoo!


You're out of missiles now, and probably out of guns unless you're a GOAT and if so good for you. Ignore this part.


The sus descend


You:" civilian flight , we are out of weapons . It's been my honor We will try and draw them away."


Russian pilot:somber " my name is Maria.::and you've saved our lives..."


You: "two get low and disperse "


Wingman:" see you on the other side brother"


You bug out as fast as you can dipping missiles . If you can survive for 5 minutes a flight of 4 su 27s appears as friendly blue and kill your bandits .


Russian flight lead in English : American flight , this is Russian Air Force guards , we are your escort repeat friendly stand down. Illegal executive action has been discovered we are to escort you to the FEBA or to a Russian airbase of your choice .


Awacs original: callsign , advise stand down stand down


CO: gimme that you pencil neck- Jesus Christ captain, out fuxking standing -I had that pencil pushing reject chained for tying to start world war three. Something big going down and I need you back, hell I might need those dime necked idiots to build you a new aircraft considering how heavy you'll Be now with all those medals pinned to you. You're a godamn hero captain, now punch out and let those Russians get you back here. I need you here 10 minutes ago not gimping home for an hour. Don't worry about the aircraft a wrecked airframe is easy to explain, , I'll be able to get you pretty much anything in the fleet now. Get the **** home... oh and captain, good work."


F10 advise Russians of punch out


You: Russian guard lead I'm punching out please advise my coordinates to atc.


Russian lead: roger :your wingman just got picked up about 15 kilometers south of here . He's in bad shape but is alive.


You: copy


Russian lead: i have a communication from the ground im, patching through;


Female pilot: hello, I don't know your name and I'll probably never see you again, but I wanted you to know you saved our lives, but you may have also saved much more than that."


Hope you liked. No spoilers . For now it's fun fiction from my head, but if you want it it's yours or you have to wait for me to learn to mission editor.


I will update this later, I'm sorry for format this was a huge time killer for me today and I was super captive and bored.

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Cool but looooots of things in there that are extraordinarily difficult to script and control..

I'd recommend spending a little time in the ME yourself before you get too deep. :lol:


Chief amongst your worries:


detecting if a player/AI wingman has jettisoned all weapons


asking for behavior from the AI wingman that isn't built into DCS


timing the op so that every player runs out of fuel around the same place


Synchronizing scripted voiceovers with inbuilt radio commands to AI


What happens when your player does anything other than exactly what you expect them to?


If 2 out of 4 aircraft are going after a civilian jet inside of 30 miles before you're clear to engage, and the other 2 are firing at you and forcing you defenseive, there is basically no chance you'll be able to get them before they kill the friendly (unless you cheat it and make the friendly invulnerable.)


The concept is super cool, and the core elements could be accomplished; the escort, the interceptors, the redirecting flight path etc. Where you're going to start to run into problems is when you're trying to script how engagements are going to play out; you can lean on it a little bit but the ultra-specific stuff is going to be difficult to manage.


I think if you dial back the complexity of the dialogue just a hair and stick with the core concepts you've got a hell of an F-15 op though. I'm not going to do it for you, but I would be happy to get you started. If you want to meet up on Teamspeak some time shoot me a PM. :)

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Sounds very cool! If you need voice acting let me know, happy to help.

System Spec: Cooler Master Cosmos C700P Black Edition case. | AMD 5950X CPU | MSI RTX-3090 GPU | 32GB HyperX Predator PC4000 RAM | | TM Warthog stick & throttle | TrackIR 5 | Samsung 980 Pro NVMe 4 SSD 1TB (boot) | Samsung 870 QVO SSD 4TB (games) | Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.


Personal wish list: DCS: Su-27SM & DCS: Avro Vulcan.

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