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F-15C TWS solid track to Jammer when locked. And long range detection.

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Is this normal behavior?:




1. TWS solid track to Jammer when locked.

2. Long range detection of enemy aircraft past 80 miles.


In this video you only see 1 target coming from past 80 miles t angels 1. But i have seen groups of fighter targets that i can detect and track every move from 80 to 90 miles. Most of the ones i see are jamming. But sometimes i can even bug them from 80+ miles.


Is this normal? Why are some jammer targets always seen as Jammer stropes, but others are seen as solid tracks until you lock them? Is it normal i can detect fighter sized targets from over 80 miles in DCS?

The weird thing is that i can not do this in every mission. And this is recently.


*I have been tracking these guy's like this from 80+ miles, but was to late with recording. These are fighter targets. I tracked them till i got radar ID.*


No, that shouldn't be that way. The radar doesn't change waveform when bugging a target in TWS. It makes no sense that you'd loose track just like that.

Go in close, and when you think you are too close, go in closer.

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