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Track IR or not Track IR

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i currently run 3 ceiling mounted HD projectors onto a 160 Deg curved screen. I have a cockpit (plywood) sat within the curve, so that i have almost 180 Deg view, the resolution is at 3840 x 1024. I have tried the 3 screen monitor setup but don't like it so much, so stick with the 1 screen. I have a touch screen mounted in the cockpit with Helios and exported viewports. I fly with Hud only view.


The question: are there are any advantages / benefits of using track ir? I have never used it before so dont know if it will be beneficial with my setup. Any and all advice/views greatfully received.



Desktop PC:

Intel i9 9900K, Gigabyte MOBO, 32 GB RAM , GPU Nvidia RTX 2080

Windows 10, TM Warthog, Crosswind rudder peddles, Occulus Rift S.

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use facetracknoir first. That gives you a fine impression. I believe there is a free demo.


I used this first, then i bought a trackir and now vr.



New system:I9-9900KS, Kingston 64 GB DDR4 3200Mhz, RTX 3080(OC 2070 Mhz), Corsair H150 Pro RGB, Samsung 970 EVO 1 Tb, Scandisk m2 500 MB, 2 x Crucial 1 Tb, T16000M HOTAS, HP Reverb Professional, Corsair 750 Watt.


Old system:I7-4770K(OC 4.5Ghz), Kingston 24 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz,MSI RTX 2080(OC 2070 Mhz), 2 * 500 GB SSD, 3,5 TB HDD, 55' Samsung 3d tv, Trackir 5, Logitech HD Cam, T16000M HOTAS. All DCS modules, maps and campaigns:pilotfly:

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I was using 3x40" for a while, before I went VR. I was using TIR, and had it set up so viewing to the side was quite slow, so that I could look at my side monitors without it moving much, and then as I got closer to around 60 degree either side, I accelerated it up so that I at about 90 degrees either side, would would start looking behind me.

Using a TIR curve like I would use on a single screen, messed with my head.


For up/down I had a 'normal' curve, so it was a lot more sensitive, but intuitive, so it fit my head movement, FOV and distance to screens.


But in short. Yes, you would still benefit from TIR I think, at least for the vertical part.

After I went VR, Ive tried flying in triple screen a few times, but without TIR, its so restricted without the ability to look up/down, but also to the sides - over my shoulder.

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