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Campaign Mission 2 - Frozen with current build?

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I have just started the F-5E BFM Campaign and successfully finished the first mission :music_whistling:

(The one where you just listen and watch from the C-130 perspective).


Now when I want to continue the campaign with the 2nd mission (NTTR Familiarization) I get to the briefing, can watch all 24 pages of briefing images, but when I press "FLY", the screen is frozen. I hear the sound of wind, but nothing happens. When I click anywhere on the screen or push any keys the typical "frozen application window" appears and asks me to either wait or kill the process.


Anyone else having problems? I just installed the new Nevada update and even re-downloaded the campaign files.


Maybe someone can check and either tell me what I am missing, or maybe confirm the finding.

Thanks in advance...

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I copied the Mission "F-5E - FAM Flight.miz" to my "Saved Games\DCS.openalpha\Missions" Folder and tried to start the mission by itself. Same result. frozen screen and wind noise.


Then I copied just another mission "F-5E - BFM03 1 vs 1 GO vs F-14A.miz" to that same folder and I get the same result. Mission is frozen from start and I hear a wind noise.

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Update 3 and solution...


Haha! OK ... didn't read the patch notes... damn... feeling stupid.


Sadly, some critical issues still not fixed because we can't reproduce them and find a reason. However, we still working on it and hope to resolve these issues ASAP.

Known issues:

M-2000C: Significant performance drop with enabled mirrors when canopy is opened or jettisoned.

MiG-21bis: Significant performance drop when other aircraft placed nearby.

L-39 engine stops right after entering the mission.

L-39 starts perpendicular to RWY.

A-10C Crash when battery switch is used from cold start.

F-15C control axis don't work.

Bf-109, Spitfire - some gauges don't work.

F-5 Freezes DCS completely, CTD, regardless if in the air or ground.

DCS сrashes when Shilka hits a FC3 plane.

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