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Thoughts after the campaign

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I've just finished the campaign this morning and just wanted to share a few thoughts.


First, thank you to all involved with the module.


The Mi-8 is a challenging but rewarding aircraft. I feel I still have a lot to learn before I can claim to have mastered it but I've got much better, know how to avoid the worst problems, and generally feel happy with flying her.


Overall, I enjoyed the campaign too. A nice mix of tasks making allowing for the fact this isn't a state of the art attack helo. Overall I felt the challenge was fair and I was never asked to do anything daft.


My only complaint was that sometimes the way these tasks was communicated was quite poor.


The grid system was near useless. Maybe on a larger monitor or lower resolution the maps might have worked but for me the briefings were so small as to be near useless.


Additionally, the directions given in some missions was pretty poor. The last mission in particular, attack the farm house between the school and the five story building. Which one is a school? I'm supposed to watch the tracer fire but it isn't going anywhere near something that fits that description and occasionally goes in the opposite direction.


And land on the supermarket to the right of the road. Again, which one is a supermarket? And to the right? As it happens I was facing the other way so it was to my left.


I always figured them out but the few frustrations I had were when I didn't know what to do or where to go.


Overall then, a thumbs up but better briefings and communication would certainly help some missions.

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