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There is a fine line between moderation and censorship


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"Message has been deleted. Reason: Tired of Fan boys anti Tucano"


I am all in favour of the forum being diligently moderated, and I must say I think you guys to a fine job.


I did however find that message deletion a bit of an eyebrow raiser. Please please please don't let it go too far. I have had a number of messages deleted, and I can honestly say it was fully warranted for that to happen. I also know some people just have hobby horses, and will never shut up about them.


Just make absolutely sure you don't delete first, and think afterwards. There is a trend in the world right now towards censorship for all the wrong reasons. Lets not make DCS World's forum follow that trend, and reasons like the one above do make people wonder.


Perhaps a more reasoned "O/T" would have been more appropriate in this case?

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  • ED Team

It may have been the moderation team or some 3rd parties moderate there own sections.



Please PM me with a link to the thread and I will take a look.




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