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Mission 10 Problem

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I start on the Tarmac at Kataisi, there is no Kataisi in the ATC window to call for clearance my weapons aren't loaded so have to do them manualy and I take off and get splashed with freindly Sams even after I post the footprint, my wingman and the rest of the flight get splashed too. Any ideas?

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Make sure you call for Sam footprints, and wait for a response once posted before taking off. Not sure why weapons aren't loaded, never had that problem.


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Just tested the mission using most current version of DCS World. Hawg-1 had munitions and after Defender-9 called the Footprints posted (this mission it takes about 10 minutes), no MANPAD troops are in the Kutaisi AO. Are you using any mods? I had no issues with the mission.

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I have a question regarding Mission 10. I destroyed arty, cleared armor and most of the infantry around Romeo-7 position. Transport helicopters landed, attack helicopters were flying around but then nothing happens. Is that because I missed some targets, like remaining infantry in the trees or some friendly unit was destroyed?




I also noticed following item in DCS Open Beta Update 5 today: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3430583&postcount=6



  • Fixed issue that caused infantry don’t move.

Can it be the reason? Anyway I'll update and try to reproduce.



UPDATE: no problems this time, Mission 10 was successfully completed.




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