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Server Versions of DLC Maps


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Since there is currently no dedicated server executable for the game, is it possible to release a (lite) server version of the maps?


Wags mentioned in his live stream of the Normandy 44 map that a free "Lite" version of the map for consumers was thought of, but decided against because low textures or lower level of detail for assets and maps would leave a poor experience for players who tried it, and it would be better for players to either purchase the map, or not have the map rather than have a low quality version.


This makes sense because you don't want players playing a version of a DCS map that is a low quality and provides them a sub-par experience.


Servers, however, do not actually 'play' the game, or need to render 3D graphics and textures.


We can already disable 3D rendering for a dedicated server in the autoexec.cfg with options.graphics.render3D = false


With that in mind, would it be possible to have a lite 'server version' of the DLC maps and assets? A version with no textures or 3D models, or at least a version with the minimum texture and model information that the server would need to run the assets.


I do not see why a server should need to purchase DLC maps and assets it doesn't render. Servers don't need any of graphic data from a DLC map or asset pack, so a 'lite' server version of these would be very beneficial because it would allow more people to host, and hopefully save hard drive space as well, since graphic assets aren't used.

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+1 for that idea Nakedsquirrel


I host a DCS server (1.5.6) and would like to (when it is released) have

missions that use the Normandy and NTTR map on it.


I just want to host missions for people to connect to and play, the server will

not be using any of the player slots


Surely the ED programmers could make it so that people can do this?


eg As long as the server account does NOT select any plane slot (which it surely will not do) then it should be possible to load a mission with this map?

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