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VR Perfomance cant get stable fps


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Hello together,


I am playing dcs Vr only in the rift. At the Moment i cant manage to get stable fps. When i launch the training mission where you have to take off with the a10 and i am turning right and flying over the city my fps drops to 30. Even worse in multiplayer. I get only 20 fps standing at the Runway.


I turned everything off like shadows and trees. Visibility to Medium. Texture Medium. Terrain low. Pd 1.2 . Msaa at 4. aa is off.no mirrors, no civ traffic, water to low.


My Rig:

5820k at 4,2 ghz


32 gig ram



So many users here are going crazy with the pixel density etc. And they still maintain stable fps...?


What am i doing wrong? Am i missing something?


I checked my cpu and one Core is at 100% during flying....is my cpu so Bad?????



Thanks in advance for any advice :)



Best regards

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I would think you would be getting better performance specially with Windows 10. Reduce all your settings and work up from there. Do not use Nvidia Control Panel for your graphics settings ( but do set to prefer maximum performance). Use the DCS GUI for your graphics.

Don B

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Can you post a screenshot of your graphic settings?


With a 6600K @ 4.5GHz and the 980 TI I used to run just fine. With a lot higher graphics settings. Both Open Beta 1.5 and Open Alpha 2.0. What version are you running?


I basicly took the advices from this topic: Post by DigitalEngine


Only real change I made was enabling shadows int he cockpit... It looks so much better ;-)


Your CPU should be fine. Apparantly 4.2-4.3 GHz is the sweet spot for most games including DCS. Much higher you won't get many benefits.


Use something like Afterburner to check your load, clock speeds and temperature. Maybe your CPU get's to hot and throttles itself down? Maybe your GPU doesnt really run with the highest clock.


Or you have a lot of background tasks which clutter your first cpu thread, running not the most up to date open Alpha/Beta's or your game settings are screwed with your play arround in the lua's.

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Thank you all guys. I think i figured it out. I focused on showtimes advice regarding the clouds (thanks dude :) ).


I tried various cloud settings. 6,7,8,9 are hitting fps hard ( nearly 20 -30fps) . Below 6 and 10 is Fine.


That is why i get shitty fps on some Multiplayer servers and servers without clouds like aerobatics are running smooth.

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