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Missile Selection Logic


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It's a good improvement this patch (OB) but it still has some logic errors.


Example #1:


Stations 1 2 3 4 are missiles R-3R R-3R R-3S R-3S (SAR inboard, CC outboard as found on easy target practice mission)


Selector switch to station 3, priority switch to neutral.


The four presses of the launch button should result in firing the missiles in the order: 3 4 1 2. But instead it first the missiles 3 4 but never any more.


Example #2:


Mixed R-3S/R-3R. Priority switch "CC." Four presses of the launch button should fire first R-3S and then R-3R. But in the sim it is never firing the R-3R missile with the priority switch in "CC."


With priority switch in "CC" or "SAR" all missiles should eventually be launched by the 4th button press even if the type is opposite what is selected as the priority type. When the priority type is exhausted the non-priority type is automatically used on next launch.


I've included I think an accurate logic flow for weapon selection. This flow chart has two errors. First it gives an infinite loop if there are 0 missiles carried (easy addition). Second it gives the wrong logic in a special case where two different kinds of IR missile are both carried and the weapon selector is in position 4 (the sequence in this case is 4 3 1 2 and not 4 1 2 3 assuming types are loaded symmetrically).


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