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Having trouble lifting off with HOT3


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Hello, I fly on DCS 2.0 alpha, on the Nevada map, in the Gazelle.

I am sorry if this is a duplicate post, but I could not find it anywhere else.


When I load up the instant action "Static trucks", I'm put on the map with 4 HOT3 missiles loaded.

I reckon they would balance the fuel to make it light enough, but I'm having trouble lifting off.

I dont have any trouble without the missiles on board.

I have tried both lifting off vertical and speeding up.


I initially get some lift around 90-100% torque (id rather not even be this high), but after some time start losing altitude. I can usually slow it down to where I can touch down a bit hard again, and then this happens about 4-5 times before i can get it up and going.


Any tips would be appreciated, thanks!

Regards Jonas

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Just tried the mission, same problems here.


It seems as if the combination of hot, high and heavy makes it almost impossible to get the chopper airborne.


Maybe the mission was developed with an earlier version, and the flight model or engine characteristics were tweaked afterwards. Or maybe it was broken right off the bat. ;)


I know the flight model has been discussed to death, but with an overweight Huey, ground effect seems to be a lot more pronounced. With the Gazelle in this mission, I can't get into ETL, even though the chopper goes to ~5 meters with 80% torque initially. But then it just falls back down again and there doesn't seem to be any cushion type ground effect.

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... DCS 2.0 alpha....Gazelle....instant action "Static trucks", .... but I'm having trouble lifting off.


Might be a local issue.


With me this mission, the FARP comes in at 1565m and air is 20°C.


Loaded weight is at airframe maximum of 2100KG with 70% fuel and 4 HOT.


Sure plenty of issues with the FM (mouth zipped! :() but I can lift into a 5' hover, engage auto hover, disengage the auto collective and pull 95% torque and steady climb without warnings and hold happily OGE thereafter. Not that I would want to in these circumstances preferring a standard terrain take off and she's going...

Kind Regards
892NAS (F18C), 1FTS(Rotary Wing), 19SQN(WW2 Warbirds)

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