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Bomb Rearming


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This has been posted before on the bug section, but there hasn't been any activity on it for over a month.


What is the status of bomb rearming? Currently if you arm with bombs, drop, land and rearm, the next bomb load you arm with (high or low drag) won't drop properly. The hud won't function properly for targeting, only a few drop, and it also shows all bombs still on the racks after releasing. This persists in 1.5 and 2.0. The only solution I've found is starting a new plane, which isn't really a solution.


This has been really keeping me from playing the Viggen more often even though it's probably my favourite module. Can someone from the Dev team acknowledge this issue and give a little reassurance it's being looked at?



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To follow up on this. I did more testing and 8 of 16 bombs drop after rearming no matter what I try. The model still shows all bombs attached and you need to manually drop stores to get rid of the drag they cause.


Is this part of a general rearming problem?

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