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Really Interesting article gives foresight in upcoming VR hardware.


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Article at Forbes,


"AMD Acquires IP And Acquihires Nitero Team, Maker Of 60 Ghz Wireless Chips For VR/AR"


"That increased performance could translate to support for things like 4K per eye resolution or even higher resolutions like 16K which AMD has said in the past would bring photo-realistic VR."


"To be completely successful, the VR experience needs higher resolution, it needs to be untethered and it needs to cost less, and this is right up AMD’s alley."


I like the 16K part....:thumbup:

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CPU = Intel i7-6700K

Motherboard = ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha, w/ the Intel Z170 Chipset,

RAM = 64 Gigs of Ripjaws V F4-3400C16Q.

GPU = Zotac GTX980ti Amp Extreme

Hard-drive = Samsung V-NAD SSD 950 PRO M.2

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