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Lighting in VR


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When I turn on the lights in the cockpit after starting the plane they do not turn on.

If I leave them turned on and take off they will come on though.


Do others in VR have this issue?


I saw a similar thread as this with a non VR person but the issue was resolved with removing Starways mod. I do not have Starways installed.


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Except for one light (second one from left, the outer knob) all lights require a generator or a running engine to come on. Other than this (probably normal) behavior, I am not having any problems.


Yup. A LOT of M2k lately and lights work just fine....Only the flood works until the engine kicks in and fires the alternators or whatever.



EXCEPT (and this has been duly (and duel-ly) noted by the guy I'm trying to teach) the right-half of the right console lights do not turn on (surely a bug) and I hope it's been reported or I have been derelict in my duty...

- Moody

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