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Afterburner scorching sound needed


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Has anyone else thought that DCS jets, especially with afterburners would sound so much more realistic with a scorching sound, kind of like the present M2000C sound but much beefier.


Here's an example.....




Planes: FC3, P-51, F-86, F-5E, Mirage 2000, F/A-18, F-14, F-16, Mig-19P :joystick:


ED pls gib A-4 and F-4 :cry:

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Yes. And anyone who has ever been close to a flying military jet knows that the sound it makes is more of a rumbling feeling through your whole body instead of just a loud sound...


As we can't have that simulated, we should at least try to fake it with beefier audio.

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This has been a long argued issue. Sound is subjective like many other things.



To me, it would be extremely hard to simulate the sound in the cockpit, many thing comes from the vibration of the aircraft and everyone would have a different perception of how it should sound. There is the headset and earplug versus mike argument. Different mikes capturing different sounds has been brought up before and so on.


Here is an example. Has anyone ever heard a F-16 cockpit sound? Has anyone notice a fuel sloshing around sound? You can hear that in a RL F-16 in the ground.

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