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TDC slew horizontal/vertical (mouse) - axes not responding

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I wanted to use my mouse in conjunction with the X52 throttle thumbstick/ministick/nipple/mouse stick/watchmacallit as slew sensor (when out of clickable cockpit mode) but after assigning mouse_x/y axes to those inputs and testing in game I noticed that they do not work at all (even thoigh they seem to be working fine in other modules, like F-15C). I have to use keys/assign slew to a hat switch to slew instead. And it's not an issue with my hotas since the mouse proper gives the same results.


Is this a known issue? I've seen a couple threads complaining about the slew sensor in Warthog (and therefore the regular "HOTAS slew axis") behaving strange but nobody mentioned the mouse slew axes being completely dead and utterly expired.

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