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TV Symbology absent on SA342M

Home Fries

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Description: With some MonitorSetup.lua files, the SA342M symbology doesn't display on the WSO's TV. This happens with custom MonitorSetup files as well as some of the default MonitorSetup files (e.g. 3 Screen). Single Screen works fine.

DCS Version:

Steam: no

Map: Caucasus

SP/MP: Both

Reproducible: Can be reproduced by enabling 3 Screen MonitorSetup file, but was unable to determine a pattern to why it doesn't work.

Step to Reproduce: Go to options menu, select 3 Screen MonitorSetup (and triple-screen resolution if available).

Track Available: N/A

Controllers: HOTAS Warthog

OS: Windows 7 Pro X64

RAM: 16Gb

GPU: nVidia GeForce GTX 1060 (6Gb VRAM) 376.33 drivers

Mods: Removed all mods and repaired DCS. Rebuilt Saved Games/DCS folder from scratch and still experience the issue. Have not tested on SA342L.

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added nVidia drivers
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Thanks, Gizzy. With that, I'm wondering if my nVidia drivers are the culprit. I try to update them as little as possible because they tend to support the latest games at the expense of less mainstream ones.


I'm curious: what kind of videocard/drivers are you running?

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381.89 drivers checked out fine. Issue is resolved, and there's a datapoint for ED/Polychop.


EDIT: Damn! It's back. Now I'm wondering if it's a VRAM issue.


I can't consistently replicate the issue, but here's what I do to test:

  1. Go to Instant Action and load the Moving Trucks mission (bird is a warm start)
  2. Start the screen, turn on the Viviane.

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