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Crosswind Landing Question


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Quick question regarding crosswind speed. When we talk about - for example - a 15kt crosswind landing in the context of DCS are we talking about the wind setting in the 1600ft or the 33ft box in the mission editor?


The reason I ask is that if I set a maximum crosswind component of 25kts in the 33ft box then the Mirage's crab angle is enormous and landing is near fatal and close to impossible (for me it IS impossible).


25kts in the 1600ft box leaves it challenging but survivable.


Sorry for the brevity but I'm typing this on my phone on the train.


Kind Regards

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I think ME uses meters / sec, with 1m being app 2 knots. So if you set it up as 25 you end up with 50 kts crosswind. Things might have changed though in the ME.


And in the latest versions reference is 10m ( around 30 ft ) agl, as in aviation weather.

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