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What happened on Dec 8, 2016?

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"Most users ever online was 1,654, 12-08-2016 at 8:47 AM"


When the Viggen was announced on Nov 28, there were 600-800 people viewing the leatherneck subforum alone.


Surely there was something really big on Dec 8th that drew 3-5x the normal user count onto the forums?


I checked all the usual places (changelogs, module releases, news updates) and found nothing that coincided with the date in question. Ideas?


DCS modules are built up to a spec, not down to a schedule.


In order to utilize a system to your advantage, you must know how it works.

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It was the day before the date where people hoped the Viggen would be officially released for pre-sale, after all the video hype.

It was the last possible day for it to make it before the Spitfire release at December 16.


So I guess people were desperate for news.


As we know now, nothing happened, so people had to wait a little longer.

System specs:


Gigabyte Aorus Master, i7 9700K@std, GTX 1080TI OC, 32 GB 3000 MHz RAM, NVMe M.2 SSD, Oculus Quest VR (2x1600x1440)

Warthog HOTAS w/150mm extension, Slaw pedals, Gametrix Jetseat, TrackIR for monitor use


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