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Carrier Parking Points


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Since we have both the Vinson and Kuznetsov carriers, and both are able to spawn planes to their catapults, why not make certain places on the ships to have them spawn in a parked position(wings folded, obviously) to taxi them to the desired catapults? Specifically, on the elevator positions? Then once they've reached a certain point on, or near the catapult(s), have it position the aircraft for takeoff?


The Vinson has 4 catapults as well as 4 elevator spaces for parking, the Kuznetsov might be a bit more work to spot.



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+1 I agree!:thumbup:


It was already mentioned long ago in this thread:- https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=109642&highlight=carrier+parking+positions


I guess it will all be done when "THE MERGE" is completed and all under the heavens is good.


Not any time soon the member Silver-Dragon has given good feedback on ships and carrier wish-list and I hope we get what he posted long ago.


So we wait!





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I've read rumors and hints that ED have a rework on naval operations on their roadmap. I'm sure that includes carrier operations and interactions on flight deck, as described above.




It isn't just a rumor it's officially stated by ED themselves.



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Both carriers are being completely reworked. Don't expect any changes to the current versions.


Additionally, the F-14 is supposed to ship with a Forrestal, giving us three carriers. And the AV-8 is coming with a LHD, giving us a little baby carrier, too.

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