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Request of Aerobatics Online/Virtual Aerobatics Server


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Scarecrow84, I came to this subforum searching for a thread similar to yours, I hope you don't mind me joining in. Good luck with your request!


I was wondering if it is possible to have F10 map options decided by the client - for example, I would like to disable my icon and navigate properly without knowing where I am at. I know not everyone wants this, but I'm not sure why the easier settings have to be forced(?).


Please note two L-39C share a same parking spot at McCarran (the two RT models, and #2 has a wrong skin).


AO is a great server! Is there a way to support it? I was just about to join the old VA site when it went away.

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Hi Smil...


I'm pretty sure those f10 options are only available to the mission creator. Could be wrong though.


By the way, I would most like to see the Bell47 in NTTR (then Normandy, hopefully). Caucasus would be cool too though.


This thing's cockpit visibility is awesome with TrackIr, and it would be great for formation.



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