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Kneeboard position/size


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Editing ViewportHandling.lua works for every module I have, except Mig-21 which still displays the kneeboard in its default position. Does anybody know what to edit in order to move/resize the kneeboard for Mig-21?

i5-9600K@4.8GHz 32Gb DDR4 Asus TUF rtx3080 OC Quest Pro Warthog on Virpil base

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Kneeboard Builder is a free utility that will help you with that.


However, if you want to do it manually:


Go to '...\DCS World\Mods\aircraft\MIG-21bis\Cockpit\KNEEBOARD\indicator\init.lua' and comment out or delete these lines:


is_left = true
is_top = false --true
zoom_value = 0.5
default_width = 0.25 * LockOn_Options.screen.height



Just be aware that this method will violate multiplayer integrity checks and you will be kicked from any server enforcing integrity checks. There is a way that passes integrity checks but it is much more involved to get setup and would be easiest just to let Kneeboard Builder do it for you.


If you plan on flying multiplayer I would highly recommend using Kneeboard Builder as its modifications will pass integrity checks.

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