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Radio/Comm Menu Hotkeys


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I know that mouse activation was recently added to the comm menu which is great. But for those of us who take HOTAS more literally (e.g. for VR) would it really be so time consuming to add 4 hotkeys so we can easily navigate menus with a single HAT switch?

  • MenuItemUp = Move selected menu item up
  • MenuItemDown = Move selected menu item down
  • MenuItemSelect = Select/Activate selected menu item
  • MenuBack = Go back to previous menu (or cancel if at root)

Considering how extensively the comm menu is used (radio, cargo, mods, etc...) it seems like a relatively small ask (and very worthwhile) to get this functionality.


Yes, there are workarounds (VoiceAttack, 3rd party scripting (AHK, CH, etc), KB/mouse,etc.) but all is quite cumbersome. Not least because the F1-F12 keys are used for the menu AND changing views! Also, menu items like airports change order based on distance so some clever workarounds become very awkward.


I'd kindly ask that ED consider this sooner rather than later as this would be a big quality of life improvement!


4 hotkeys. That's all I ask. Please?

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