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Display the a10c mfd on laptop?

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Helios will display the MFCD bezel complete with working buttons. It won't send the contents from one PC to another.


You can use Helios in combination with MonitorSetup.lua to get an MFCD on a second monitor of your DCS machine. DCS will put the contents on that screen and Helios will draw working buttons around it.


Then you can use VNC to remote control that screen from your laptop. It will lag slightly even over a local network, but it works.


The second screen does not have to be an actual physical screen. If your graphics card has a VGA output, you can probably tell Windows to simply assume there is a screen connected to it. If that does not work (for example because all of your GPU outputs are already in use), I think there are "virtual screen" drivers that you could use.


There is also UltraMFCD, but I don't know if that works over the network.

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